THZ-40 Hit Lady

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The father of Jun Yamabuki(means pure wind in a mountain) was once killed by a hit man. After years of trainingshe has become the Hit Lady and swore her father’s revenge. One day,the Hit Lady corners the foe and tries to get information of the wire-puller,but the foe is terminated very nearly by someone,so that she cannot get the information by a close shave. The Hit Lady talks with the bonze adviser named Kanonji (means full of mercy),and goes out for a next operation. The Hit lady has arranged to meet a journalist who has the information. But people who appear there are the enemy’s subordinates and the journalist Tanabe (means around a rice field) who is captured by the armed-monster named Gurroughs. The Hit Lady easily beat the subordinates,but she cannot attack Gurroughs because Tanabe is being in hostage. The Hit Lady cannot counterattack to Gurroughs,so she’s tormented as much as Gurroughs wishes. After the Hit Lady blacks out with severe damage,she wakes up in an office somewhere. Then,a person with a mask appears in front of the Hit Lady. Actually,she is Rei Shinzaki (means a cool girl in a straight cape) who is a boss of her father’s workplace,SHINZAKI CORPORATION. Rei comes up with an idea to shoot a video of the Hit Lady while Rei is torturing her,and to sell and dump it as the torture video. Her torture to the Hit Lady is being escalated,and at last raping is taking place. But Jun Yamabuki as the Hit lady desperately bears it because she cannot be defeated until she kills her father’s enemy. Well,is it possible for the Hit-Lady to defeat the evil wire-puller and kill her father’s enemy as well?...

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