THZ-37 Superheroine In Grave Danger Beautiful Mask Aurora Priere

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Yui Kamura is an independent princess-like co-edhighly sensitive to spirit. She is actively engaged in saving the town from specters as a Masked Girlie Aurora Priere (Prayer). Sorcerer Solcier has been asked to kill Aurora Priere and sends his underling Mummy ManFrankenkongWoman Bloodsucker and Jiang Shi specter to carry out the assassination of Masked Girlie Aurora Priere. The Woman Bloodsucker manipulates Kisukewho is secretly in love with Yuito block her transformation and rape her. Yui manages to slip through the pinch and transforms into Masked Girlie Aurora Priere. She succeeds with a cinch in blocking Woman Bloodsuckeroverwhelming powerful Frankenkong with intelligence and felling Jiang Shi specter. ButMummy Manher last enemystands up tall and strong. Her specialty skill would not work on the dead Mummy Man. Strips of bandage cling to her soft and supple neck and armsholding her motions in checkfinally to have her Aurora energy sucked out which was given by the goddess. It appears that the scheme to assassinate Aurora Priere is going to be successful. Buther eleganceher beautiful masked posturethe exquisite aroma of a woman fighterher white thighs and long legs revealed from under the miniskirtand her shapely boobs perked up and covered by the costume enchant Sorcerer Solcier so much that he abandons his plan to assassinate Aurora Priere. Sorcerer Solcier now goes more for Aurora Preaire’s heart and body than the reward. Aurora Priere is slowly screwed by Sorcerer Solcier. The Aurora suit with her energy sucked out loses its sacred power against the sword of Sorcerer and is ripped off easily... And her lovely brassiere is exposed which Sorcerer grabs to take off and he begins to molest Aurora Priere. Her virgin pink nipples are sucked forcibly to gnaw Aurora Priere. Carried away by her sight Sorcerer gropes her groin by an electric massager and Aurora Priere squirts unable to resist the ferocious stimulation. Yet Aurora Priere does not give in so Sorcerer rapes and screws her in a number of varied positions. With semen spewed inside her Aurora Priere still does not give in to vices. Sorcerer finally kills Masked Girlie Aurora Priere. Mummy Man further rapes the unmoving dead body and the pretty cadaver is put up for permanent display on the specters’hill.

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