THP-61 Super Heroine In Grave Danger Beautiful Mask Aurora Fairy Princess Fear Of The Slit-Mouthed Witch

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Many murder cases by the slit-mouthed woman happen in the quiet residential area. High school girl Manami Mizuna transforms into Beautiful Mask Aurora Fairy Princess and tries to beat the slit-mouthed woman. But true character of the slit-mouthed woman is a saint fighter who used to sell her soul to the devil. Thereforeslit-mouthed woman knows Aurora’s fighting ability and her tactics. Aurora is beaten by slit-mouthed woman. She is captured and her beautiful body is assaulted by devil. Aurora is inserted devil’s gigantic penis to her vagina. She is raped violently and loses her mind. She is ejaculated internally and murdered from strangulation by slit-mouthed witch.

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