TGGP-81 Female fighter -Ryuka-

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Ryuka decided to entry the secret battle competition to earn the cost of treatment for her sick mother. This battle competition is allowed to any kind of attacking method such as intervene of a second and use a weapon. She finds that the man who named Dr. Gorulei who was defeated by Ryuka in a qualifying round participated in the competition coincidently with same reason of Ryuka. Ryuka thinks that she pays the cost of treatment for her mother by getting a prize and then donates the rest of that. So she cooperate with Dr. Gorulei and promises to share the prize when she wins the competition. Ryuka manages to go final battle due to Dr. Gorulei’s devoted advice. However she meets a betrayal of her fellow. Ryuka faces everyone’s ambitions and desires and falls into the hell with disgrace… 

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