TGGP-79 Spandexer Cosmo Angel

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Spandexer is a princess of the planet Omega. She fights with evils as a superheroine and works as a reporter at newspaper company Metro View on the Earth. Meanwhile bomb terror aiming a chemical drug plant is happened by a mad scientist Necromancer. Spandexer rushes to the site but the situation becomes much worse through the fight with combatants who changed Zombie. Later a pro wrestling charity event is held for reconstruction at alpha district where suffer from the terrorism. Spandexer participates in the event as a guest but it was a trap to search Spandexer’s weak point. Necromancer finds out that Spandexer’s acupuncture points are same with humans and plots to attack inside her body. Necromancer also finds that Spandexer’s martial arts are not as strong as professional fighter’s level except for her super power. He proceed a terrible plan that zombified professional fighter and “Dead Faith(immortal zombie pro wrestler)” fight and thoroughly torture Spandexer. 

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