TGGP-46 American Comic Heroine White Eye Suppression

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Rune is a second-generation Galaxy sheriff newly stationed at the Earth to hunt down harmful space beasts. She is better known among humans as Super Womanmessenger of justice protecting the Earthand keeping it a safe and peaceful place! She is concerned about the report aboutTempel】,an intergalactic gang making shady movesand rumor says they are planning to invade the Earth. Tonight againSuper Woman beats up criminals of the streetrescuing a female worker from them. But what the rescued hostage possesses is a rock of ore Falconiumnatural weakness of residents of Planet Fosterincluding Super Woman! Super Woman somehow manages to stay awakebut is confronted by huge fighters called Three Brothers of Shurahatas well as a woman named Arescommander-in-charge of Tempel’s Earth Invasion Army. Holding a piece of Falconiumthe Tempel members slowly corner Super Womanperforming a series of domination attacks that weaken the superheroine’s body. Finally Super Woman is made to swallow Falconiumwhich poisons her body from inside little by little. Not only that; a vibrator covered with Falconium liquid is thrust into the vagina! With little power left within her bodyshe is brought to Gulbear Square】,a galaxy pub. What she finds there is a towering Infinite Gravity Wall!! The huge wall is poised to fall onto the body of Super Woman! Now what will you doSuper Woman!?

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