TBB-20 Love Battler @YOU

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The decisive battle between Love Battler @YOU and the evil incarnate boss Sister Gill was quite close... Sister Gill was to deprive the love-radiation machine of Love Battler @YOU for her own desire. It was developed for love and freedom and the origin of power of @YOU. To accomplish her intention she has nothing else to destroy the spirit and the body of @YOU. Sister Gill got her in her clutches by dirty and carefully worked-out plan. Due to the battle with the bio-monster ”Neo Psycho-guilder” @YOU was beaten up showed the whites of her eyes and went off... She was also whipped by Sister Gill and her costume went in rags.,, With Chain choking and the electric shock by stun gun the spirit of courageous @YOU got withered away... And a towering man to crush the body of @YOU by the steel hammer... Strong sulfuric acid attack spanking and body blow... The young body and courageous spirit of Love Battler @YOU who fainted and showed the whites again and again was going to pieces... Can she get the chance to reverse the situation?

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