TBB-02 Sailor Soldier

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The evil alien Seko and Nezu were planning to conquer the Earth. But they were always beaten by Super law-teen girl Sailor Soldier Ayu. Nezu who had had always raw wounds became super human beyond Ayu with using a medicine. Nezu whose facial expression looked different from what it used to be knocked down Ayu. Nezu held the hair of Ayu who had weakened by body blow choke her and stamped on the face. Seko got excited and made Nezu attack the body of Ayu with violence. Ayu tried to exert herself with bruises all over the body. But the sadistic torture of Neze would never end. Her face became tight in her vexation as the beautiful face of Ayu became ugly. She shed tears as she was tortured with spanking at last.

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