JMSZ-33 Princess Fighter Pure Blazer02 Healing Princess Aqua Blazer

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Aqua Blazer,a junior high school student heroine and a light blue fighter of Princess Fighter Pure Blazer has battled to exterminate and cleanup of villains. Her strong power seems to be the strongest Pure Blazer but she is inexperience. She falls into the trap set up by Mara’s monster Dagger. Dagger tortures Aoi Shimizu, real character of Aqua Blazer because he is abnormal and loves female junior high school student. He also rapes her with forcing her to transform Aqua Blazer. Aqua Blazer can’t attack him due to see captured Angel Blazer with her own eyes. A junior high school heroine Aqua Blazer loses her virgin and forced to feel orgasm by Mara tribe. She screams and corrupts by devil’s torture with tentacles…

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