JMSZ-26 Fontaine – The Cursed Academy and the Nightmare of the Beautiful Witch

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Fontain fights against her arch enemyDeavil. She corners the spider monsterSpinderbut Deavil uses sorcery that makes her body wet… Spinder uses spider webs to bind the magical heroine and Deavil uses his magic to create a blizzard. Fontaine gets into a desperate situation. She somehow manages to defeat Spinder but loses Deavil… The next day, Fontaine (aka Yuka Sawamura) becomes ill from yesterday’s blizzard. She attends school but loses consciousness during an exam. For how long was she asleep… Yuka slowly wakes up… But none of her classmates are there anymore and a beautiful jewel is on a desk. Just then, a man slowly stands on the platform… It is Deavil!! ‘I’ve stolen the souls of your classmates’ says Deavil. The atrocious monster changed the souls of Yuka’s classmates into a jewel. Yuka changes into Fontaine to save her friends but Deavil commands her to drop her weapons. Deavil drains Fontaine’s energy but she cannot fight back because of the jewel… God appears to save Fontaine but it was too late. Fontaine tries to save her friends but Deavil uses another sorcery to shatter her heart.

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