JMSZ-25 Heroine Subjugation

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Yamato Kashiwazaki’s dream is just like everyone else. Just until that day…He reads information about the appearance of Ranger Pink and heads to the scene. Yamato finds Ranger Pink fighting against the enemies by oneself. From that day onYamato masturbates by thinking back about that day. One dayYamato accidently saves Ranger Pink during the battle. She thanks him for what he has done and says she’ll grant him a wish. Yamato asks Pink if he can film her fighting by herself and she agrees. In the beginningthe battle was merely a fan servicebut things start to change when Dead Cross appears. Barbed wires and tentacle torture… A warning sign appears on the screen and her helmet dispels. Pink spits out blood and Yamato watches her heartlessly. The enemy breaks her hip joint and Ranger Pink can no longer move. Dead Cross places a proton bomb right before her and leaves. The countdown to death begins…

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