GTRL-13 American Comic Heroine Trilogy Vol.01 Power Woman

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The future where everything is devastated. In a world where Jango is the supreme ruler people are suffering from the tyranny. The combatants of Jango swagger about the town to keep an eye on them and the resistance groups are forced to begin their operation underground. They are researching for a way to create a time machine! The professor creates a time machine and goes to the past to search for the superheroine and professor finds Power Woman. In the beginning Power Woman listens to him with a wondering air but decides to believe his worlds after hearing about Super Lady falling… When she goes to the scene the enemy is an unbelievable monster! Jango succeeded in creating a way to transform the monsters into super monsters in order to conquer the world. Power Woman tries to stop the monster but… Can the superheroines change the future!?

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