GSAD-07 Superheroine Action Wars Liberty Girl

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Sora Tendo is the daughter of Yuji Tendo a scientist murdered by the evil mastermind Narus. Using the power of the armored suit invented by her father Sora dedicates herself to fighting against Narus. One day to protect the citizens fleeing from Narus’s domination who are attacked by the Narus defense corps and a monster named Garumu Sora Tendo transforms into Liberty Girl a superheroine clad in the special armored suit. Quickly wiping out the defense corps soldiers Liberty Girl engages in a one-on-one fight against Garumu and the amazingly strong heroine wins the battle easily. Enraged at the news of Garumu’s defeat Narus sends out another monster Barbatos to capture Liberty Girl. Knowing that his mission can be very tricky Barbatos lures Liberty Girl into the area where a web of landmines has been laid down. Though severely damaged by the cunning monster’s traps Liberty Girl still continues to fight but she is obviously no match for the elusive enemy and she is captured in the end. Liberty Girl is put to a torture device that is linked with a captive resistance member rebelling against Narus. Despite her efforts to protect the hostage her strength fails her because of the devious torture and the resistance member dies before Liberty Girl. Her partner Munakata arrives to rescue Liberty Girl still feeling guilty of the death but Munakata also gets killed. Shaking with anger Liberty Girl attempts to fight Narus once again but what awaits her is the ruthless enemies Narus and Barbatos’ action humiliation hell....

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