GOMK-78 Beautiful Mask Aurora

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Many school girls were reported missing. To uncover the truth about the caseBeautiful Mask Aurora disguises herself as a normal student and sneaks into the academy. Although there were many situations where she almost got raped by the vicious teachersshe was able to find the principle’s secret about the slave trade. But the principal hires a cyborg bodyguard to abduct Beautiful Mask Aurora and decides to sell her in the slave trade for corrupt merchants and politicians. To show the crowds how valuable a virgin ishe decide to inject a love potion in her clitorisand carefully (not to rip the maidenhead) uses a dildo to show the crowd how well she squirts. But Beautiful Mask Aurora uses her power to escape the deadly clutch. Using her knowledgeshe is able to defeat the cyborg; but the shattered pieces of the cyborg change into slimes and damage Aurora. Despite her intentionsshe experiences multiple orgasms due to the slimes. What is finally going to happen to Aurora?

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