GOMK-59 Ms.Milk Ladybull

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Miss Milkredible is a superwoman who came from an another galaxy. Her mission is to save the Earthlings from becoming narrow-minded! Usually she works as an investigator to hide her true identity. During her operation she arrests a boy who had a hobby of raping women but he was discharged soon after due to his father’s financial powers. The boy felt humiliated for getting arrested by a woman and decides to get a revenge on her. He creates a special fighting suit the Killer Hunter Z to stand in Miss Milkredible’s way. The boy uses his special move Tekken Rocket and strangles her. He steps on her big boobies that makes Miss Milkredible screams. And her coworker is transformed into Killer Hunter and attacks Miss Milkredible as well. What is going to happen to Miss Milkredible!?

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