GIRO-75 New Cyber Force Justion - White Bunny

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Mito Shirakiaka White Bunnyfinds out that Pink Cat is in trouble and rushes out to infiltrate into Ester Zara’s castle. For a glamorous girl like White Bunnyit is very embarrassing to wear her costume… As soon as she sees Pink Cat getting attacked by the soldiers White Bunny transforms to save Pink Cat. But actuallyEster Zara was disguising herself as Pink Cat! Ester Zara predicted that Mito will come to the castle. White Bunny gets her power drained by the enemy… Her glamorous body gets licked and her body armor is destroyed. Then they use a drill to make her want to go pee! Ester Zara tortures the beautiful heroine sadistically and watches her getting raped until she loses her consciousness.

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