GIRO-33 New Star Unit Ryuseiger

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Five warriors of Ryuseiger lose their home planet and escapes to Earth. But nowthey must stand up to protect Earth from getting destroyed by the Dark Fleet!! Ryuseigers leave for the secret ruinswhere Cronos Kaiser (the Legendary Gigantic Robot) is hidden. MeanwhileCommander Shark of the Dark Fleet targets Blue and Pink because Marinian secretion is sold for a nice price. Commander Shark attacks the two warriors but gets interfered by RedYellowand Green. But he shakes them off and rapes Blue… By using the special device to change the meaning of wordsPink gets lured by Blue’s telepathy. Doctor Octopus takes her to his lab where her erogenous zone is thoroughly studied. Doctor uses the super vibrator system to gain the secretion and rapes her… Blue and Pink are put to auction and the demonstration of how to obtain the secretion begins… Lastlythe two girls are used as an energy source to move the Cronos Kaiser.

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