GIRO-07 Justy Sabers - Betrayal of the Commander Pink’s Envy

Several days ago,Justie Pink Rio was captured and raped by the enemy due to her unawareness. Luckily,she was rescued,but she was released from her position as Justie Pink and becomes the commander. And so,Yuka Momosaki joins the team as the new Justie Pink. The newcomer is very gifted; she is smart and strong. Rio respects her but at the same time,she did not feel good about the fact that Yuka defeated the monster who raped her. The envious feelings within her,makes her fall to the dark side. The commander changes the settings for Yuka’s transformation bracelet. This results in Yuka getting raped by the monsters during the battle. Rio enjoys watching the whole affair in the headquarters,and decides to go check her out but…

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