GIRO-06 Sailor Aquos - Sex Slave Project

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Someone is plotting something against Sailor Aquos. One day,Sailor Aquos hears a shriek and heads to the scene. She finds a man getting threatened with a gun. Sailor Aquos tries to stop him but gets tricked by the men. Sailor Aquos tries to tear herself away from the men but they show a centipede,which she abhors the most. She finally loses consciousness and gets taken to a quiet factory. The men questions her,if anyone has ever touched her pussy. She glares fierce at the men for asking such rude question. But now they beginning sniffing. Sailor Aquos tries to be patient but when they show her the centipede,she cannot stand it any more and wets herself. The men take pictures of her disgraceful behavior and laugh at her. Sailor Aquos’ transformation gets dispelled. She tries to hide her face but the men tell her about a shocking secret. The men have taken her school identification card and threaten her they that they will send the pictures of her to a publishing company. A different day, Sailor Aquous is called by the two. Her secret is exposed by the men. Her family and friends now know about her secrets. Sailor Aquos loses her virginity and…

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