GHPM-54 Battle Light Force Sangayer -Blunder of Pink Gaia-

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Luvis familyresident in dark world of the universeplot to change the earth (called the diamond of the Galaxy) to dark space. They commit a crime all over the world every day with using shogun Kirime (battle captain)his staff Rogara (beast devil) and Rugeruge (combatant). The self-defense union of the universe organizes Battle Light Force Sangayer to beat Luvis family. The member of Sangayer is Kent (reader)Kidanand Karin (She is a newcomer just selected three months ago as a Sangayer). But one daySangayer is lost their energy of transformationlove forth by Rogaras trick. Sangayer cant fight without love forth. Only Pink Gayer (Karin) has a bit of love forth. Karin tries to fight with Luvis family solely for the pride of Sangayer

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