GHPM-45 Masked Aurora – Cherry Princess

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Suzu Ouse worked as the nursing volunteer for the elderlies but her true identity was Masked Aurora the Cherry Princess,a girl who came for training in the human world to become a goddess. Suzu tries to change into a goddess by warding off the evil spirits… But a vicious god,who once belonged in the skies but was exiled for attempting to rape a goddess,tries to steal Aurora’s power for vengeance. At the same time,Kinbaku Priest teams up with a reaper to defeat Aurora…. An old man becomes possessed by them to approach the heroine. Kinbaku Priest’s rope penetrates Aurora and steals the sacred power. Aurora is cherry popped by them while she is tightly bound … Then the elderlies, who were sent to the nether world because of Aurora,attack the girl for an extract to become young once again…

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