GHOR-80 Charge Man Nanami Aoi in Grave Danger

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Nanami Aoi/Charge Mermaida female member of Electric Shadow Force prevents GOSUA. The battle has begun. When Nanami Aoi tries to transform Charge Mermaidher transformation is interrupted by enemy combatant. A monster inserts “Remote Slaver (high-powered remote enslavement small device)”into her vagina. GOZUA has developed it as a new device to capture female members. Movement of Remote Slaver prevents Charge Mermaid but she catch monster off guard and stop the device to succeed in vanquish enemy. Nanami Aoi tries to remove Remote Slaver but it is tightly stuck on her private parts. Then she is attacked by someone and loses her consciousness. She wakes up in a strange place with shackles on her wrist. Then she feels suspicious sign. She quickly hide and new monster (not GOZUA) appears. Is she able to beat monster and escape from this unknown place…!? 

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