GHOR-69 Rescue Heroine Five Laser

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A special agent “Eiko Hizuki” gets the information that international terrorist party “Black Tusk” starts their activity in Japan. She snakes into the base of Black Tusk and has severe battle with soldiers. A soldier attacks Eiko with a gun. Eiko quickly avoids the bullet and scream “Blaze Suit” touching her left bracelet. She is surrounded light and transforms into Five Laser. Attacks of gun don’t work on Five Laser. She captures the leader Kuroki and subdues Black Tusk quickly. Few months later,she gets the information that survivor of Black Tusk secretly start their activity in the deserted factory. She visits the factory to investigate the fact and then Black Tusk’s leader Kuroki appear before her. Soldiers appears before her one after another. Eiko tries to transform but…

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