GHOR-66 Spandexer Cosmo Angel Horrible Vigilante Group Devil Squad

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Spandexer,princess of the Omega planet has battled with villains as a superheroine to protect Augus. She usually works for Metro View as a journalist Aika. One day,she puts Pin Face who is the suspect for terror attack into a corner. However their battle causes deaths or injuries in citizens. Government move to bring Spandexer under their control to relieve anxiety of people. Besides they secretly organize unofficial self-defense force “Devil Squad” to murder Pin Face (he revives every time his execution and becomes more evil.) through scouting criminals who were arrested by Spandexer. They also nominate Spandexer as a leader of Devil Squad. She manages to control Devil Squad and beats Pin Face but he has set a bomb at the stadium. Devil Squad tries to proceed his mission cruelly but Spandexer wants to protect people. Their opinion conflict each other and start to a mortal combat

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