GHOR-25 Heroine Infringement System Break Light Force Break Ranger -Irresistible Break Pink-

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Break Light Force Break Ranger keeps peace every day. One dayWhen Seia Himemaru/Break Pink (only girl member of Break Ranger) is on patrolSinker (a cadre of the evil organization Dark Wave) appears before her. Seia Himemaru tries to transform to fight with him but she is interfered her transformation and is captured him. Seia is tortured by Sinker thoroughlybut manages to escape from enemy’s base in an instant chance. However,goddess of victory didn’t smile easily at her. Break Pink is captured by Sinker again. She is hold in a special room filled with computer system. Sinker starts up the machine and leave there. Lasted Break Pink fall into an infringement hell that beyond her imagination…

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