GHKO-18 Super woman Relia

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A monster Gerunhult is driven into a corner by Super Woman. She is a hateful opponent who almost destroy his organization. Gerunhult begs his boss to help and a Magician is sent to him. Super Woman is off her guard with Magician’s humorous attitude. Then green gas attacks her face. It is a her weak point Farukonium which change its shape gas or liquid. In a moment situation change and she experiences the tortures of hell. She is tied up with X- type Restraint upside down and is forced split beaver on the toilet bowl and falls down to the floor with her hands bound behind her back. Besides vibration gag and rope made by Farukonium attacks her. Super Woman is at a loss and her body changes with a large volume of Farukonium. Her costume changes and her breasts are revealed due to her extremely weakening. She takes more Farukonium and loses her reason. Super Woman spits sexual slang and feels orgasm repeatedly with demanding man’s tongue. She loses her pride as a justice heroine. Is that okay? Don’t lose Super Woman!

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