GHKO-13 Metal Woman

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Airi Fujioka is an only daughter of Mitsuhiro Fujioka who built a vast fortune with weapons development. She has battled with evils with enforced suit “Metal Suit” which is developed by Mitsuhiro before his death. One day mass outbreak of harmful insects occurs and viral disease spread into the town. Metal Woman finds that vermin increase in a certain disused factory and rushes to there. Then an exterminator is suddenly attacked by a tick monster Akudanny. She narrowly rescues the exterminator and beats Akudanny and combatants. However Metal Woman is purposely captured by them to investigate their wirepuller Gaistar. Metal Woman underestimates and provokes them with haughty attitude and despising statements. Metal Woman has afford to deal them. Combatants understand that their torture is not work on her. So they take a drastic action. Metal woman is suddenly kissed by combatants and upset. Then Akudanny and combatants who feels anger at Metal Woman hardly torture her. 

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