GEXP-68 Heroine Killer Thorough Suppression -Melty Lana-

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Our Heroine,Melty Lana,is a guardian of peace on earth with her selfless love. So,the order on this planet is protected with the overwhelming power and courage. But,here comes all of a sudden before her Killer Kerberos of the Milky Way. Kerberos has a mission given by the specter who holds grudge against Melty Lana. That is to beat up Melty Lana and give fear to her,ultimately to send her to death...! As a prelude to the revenge, Kerberos takes the life of her peer Miss Galaxy, a Super Heroine who is also defending the earth. Despite the ill omen,Melty Lana is dauntless but the devil’s hand is close at hand... Melty Lana goes up against Kerberos one on one. She drives punches time and again but Kerberos keeps coming back at her. ’Is he saving his power on purpose!?’ Thus,Melty Lana slips into Kerberos ploy. Punches in the stomach,kicks in the groin,hard slapping on the cheeks are exchanged,each vying for victory! Kerberos pushes bloody Melty Lana against the wall! In his hand is a huge knife gleaming bluntly in the sun... So,Melty Lana is in danger!!! Stubbed in the body many times over,Melty Lana has her right elbow and left knee shattered!!! ’Move... My body... move it....!!! Melty Lana’s cries echo in the hollow ruins. What now? Melty Lana!!!

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