GEXP-64 Heat Woman

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One day,People,who cannot live as they wish,are allured with a flier of a extremely big pay,and gather one appointed place where a doubtful atmosphere is being filled. They are puzzled but wait for instructions of the flier’s sponsor to get big money. Suddenly,voice can be heard from the built-in monitoring screen,and one evil scientist Dr. Vacuumer with a mask appears. Dr. Vaccumer tells everyone who has come that he will give a survivor 5 million yen(about $50,000) by killing each other,so that give them various selection of arms. People take the arms prepared for them,and begin killing each other to get the big money. Then,what is awaiting the survivor is one atrocious monster. So the survivor is easily killed by the monster. Actually,it’s only the entertainment for Dr. Vaccumer to see people,who assemble for the advertisement,are killing each other. One female private detective named Ran Endo (means an orchid in a splendid garden) comes the place a second behind and sees cruel act of Dr. Vaccumer,so that she fuses and burns the cells to become the Heat-Woman. She fights against the monster and explodes the power of the anger,and beats it with the overwhelming strength. But Dr. Vaccumer shows a spooky smile to stare the Heart-Woman,and plans a nasty scheme. Well,is it possible for the Heat-Woman to defeat Dr. Vaccumer who has a clue of weakness of the Heat-Woman!?... 

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