GIRO-63 Knight Red - JC Fighter in Midsummer

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Mao Ijuinthe honor roll studentloses her parents after her piano recital when she was eight years old. The sorrow and anger create a new heroine. Mao dresses up to make herself look a lot older to fight as Knight Red. Nowall of the villains in the city are very cautious about fighting against her. Mao changes into Knight Red to find out the truth about the ‘Frankenstein Incident.’ After investigating Knight Red realizes that the person who is pulling the strings from behind is Mrs. Darkthe mayor of Goddamn City. Frankenstein is the first cyborg created by the mayor to murder people… This is a world where a young girl should not step into; Knight Red loses against Mrs. Dark. The girl gets restrained and punished for disturbing the mayor. Whippingharassingand electrifying make Knight Red’s tight pussy wet. Mrs. Dark enjoys watching the cute girl writhe in agony! 

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