TBB-74 Heroine Suppression

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Gouma is the monster that eat fear and pain of people. Yuki Tenma transforms into Angelner and has battles with Gouma. Monster Monk Gyaramoncadre of Goumacreates violent monster Mukadenger to beat Angelner because his subordinates has been beaten by Angelner. Yuki transforms into Angelner to battle with Mukadenger but her killer attack doesn’t hit him. She loses her energy. She gets a poisonous sting and is captured by Mukadenger. Angelner is thoroughly tortured. She becomes wear and tear but her anger power changes her Burning Angelner to escape from crisis. Burning Angelner beats Mukadenger. Then Gyaramon’s daughter witch Zaria appears before Angelner. Zaria is much stronger than Gyaramon so she doesn’t accept Angelner’s attack. Zaria attacks Burning Angelner.

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