GHPM-84 Beautiful Mask Principal -Crisis! Love and Justice Beautiful Girl Soldier Domination-

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Peviously,Heroine Principal was raped and lost her best friend Yu. She was also deprived her mask. But her justice mind still alive. She swears to recapture her mask and avenges Yu’s death. But the penis of battle machine still stays inside of her vagina. Elysion can control it freely. Her embarrassing video is broadcasted all over the world. People are gathered more and more to see her. Principal tries to remain calm without being noticed. However, she shows many embarrassing figure such as sexy pose, put out her tongue,and peeing in front of crowd. Finally she is able to take away penis from her vagina. However,Principal is relentlessly tortured by Galaxy Death Squad,Assassin. She is hit,kicked,and choked. She is taken Assassin’s superfast punch and her eyes rolled back in her head. Both her arms and legs are bound up to dismember her limb. Her all limb’s joints are dislocated. She screams because she is trampled her dislocated part. She is dying,but the miracle happens to her. Principal never give in to evils! Don’t lose!! our heroine Principal!!!

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